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Fall Skin Transition Tips

Take an inside-out approach to preparing your skin for a change of season

· Seasonal Changes

Now is the time to repair all that well-lived exposure that has ensued over the summer on the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its key purpose is protection. The skin is made up of structures that have one or more functions, which play a vital role in maintaining good health.

Our skin provides a supple, protective guard between us and the outside world. The skin absorbs all the contact from our natural world, the products we apply, and the nourishment we consume. It is vitally important the skin receives support inside and out to stay healthy.

There is much truth to “you are what you eat.” Getting nutritional support, like adding my favorite supplement - Juice Plus - a concentrated whole food in a capsule, is an easy way to ramp up internal antioxidants and vibrancy.

Healthy skin is dewy and moist. To maintain this homeostasis shedding some epidermal layers through exfoliation and stimulation is a perfect way to remind cells to replicate healthy and resilient new cells. Exfoliation has a long history of use. There are mechanical forms that began with corn cobs, sand, and pumice stone. The science of chemical exfoliation is always advancing, but sour milk for the lactic acid has been traced back to ancient Egyptians, Cleopatra bathed in it. This is the perfect time of the year, when the sun tilts away from the earth and days are shorter to treat the skin beyond your daily exfoliation with a more intensive exfoliating treatment.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite products, AGE LIMIT. Age Limit is an anabolic peel that blends acids together to reveal fresh skin, lift away discolorations, and minimize pores, all the while using humectants to keep the skin from becoming parched and thin. Age Limit is perfect for this intensive kind of repair. In combination with the “Juicy Facial” your skin will be exfoliated, repaired and rejuvenated.

Another approach is scheduling a professional IPL (intense pulse light) therapy session. The broadband light penetrates the skin at a range of wavelengths that targets the red and brown spots leaving a more even skin tone. Also, the IPL remedies those precancerous spots before they require more invasive treatments. I highly recommend Carrie at Specialized Aesthetics. Carrie is a Registered Nurse, has an extensive background in medical esthetics and specializes in non-invasive facial treatments. You can schedule an appointment with Carrie at or call 720-300-7006. Meet Carrie:

With the combination of the right nutrients going inside your body and a seasonally smart approach to your skin on the outside of your body - trust me, you'll be looking springtime fresh straight through the winter!

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